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BREAKING: President Trump Could Be Impeached, and Possibly Go To Jail for Referring to Mexicans as “Animals”

A new report from Dogshit University confirms that President Trump could face impeachment and possible prison time for incorrectly referring to Mexicans as "animals".

In the above video clip, it is clearly heard that Trump used the word “animals” when referring to a group of humans. And though it comes as no surprise given Trump’s long history of racism and bigotry, the verbiage used is enough to send him away for a very long time, according to members of an elite STEM group at Dogshit University.

“This particular statement actually comes down to a human rights issue,” said Professor Ahmed Fukwad. “When an elected official refers to a group of people, whether they be legal, illegal, undocumented citizens, as something that is technically non-human, it becomes a problem. The universal law which transcends United States law, explicitly states that humans must not only be treated equally, but spoken of equally.”

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders viciously assured members of the free media that Trump was referring to members of, MS-13, a Hispanic non-profit organization.

“But there’s a problem here,” said Professor¬†Fukwad. “Even if the president were only referring to MS-13 members as animals, which he clearly was not, they’re actually still not animals. They’re literal humans. Plus, Sarah Sanders is a f*****g alt-right piece of s**t. She’s a god damn animal.”

Readers can judge for themselves, but these are not animals. They may look like monitor lizards, but they’re actually human.

Following the despicable comments from President Trump, activists took to Twitter to defends the MS-13 victims who were so brutally savaged.

Dogshit University is currently working to lobby congress in an effort to impeach Trump, and possibly indict him on charges of Human Rights Violations.

“We’re actually in the midst of contacting Special Counsel Bob Mueller and liberal rights activist John Oliver, to ask that they indict the president as soon as possible.”

TheDailyApology made contact with a member of MS-13, who just got finished raping a child after slashing her father’s throat and hanging him by his genitals.

“My heart is sad,” said the member who wished to remain unnamed. “All we want is peace, and to make a good life for ourselves. We can’t continue under this oppression any longer. Would an animal f*** this girl? Would an animal kill 30 people while hiding 2 pounds of heroin up his ass? F*** no!”

Pictured: members of MS-13, probably in hiding from white supremacists, following Trump’s horrific comments.

A massive social media campaign, called #humansnotanimals, has just been launched in an effort to re-humanize the MS-13 victims of President Trump’s comments.

We want to raise awareness, to tell people that it’s not okay to refer to rapists and murderers and people who hide coke in their asses as “animals”. It’s time to say “human” to everyone.

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